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We Teach a full range of survival skills but specialize in Ancestral living skills such as: Flint knapping, Cordage making, Shelter building, Primitive Weapons, Primitive Pottery, Basket Making, Primitive traps, Foraging, Nature Awareness, Natural Navigation and Foraging.

Current Schedule of Classes

Saturday April 27

Basic Survival/Germanic Shamanism

Four Winds Ancestral Skills and Modern American Shamanism will be teaming up to have a full day of nature based education!

Location: Brittony Woods, a private wooded acreage located near Fredricktown, MO

Cost to attend: $80.00. Spaces will need to be reserved in advance.  


This event will be broken up into 2 separate classes. The morning class will cover basic wilderness survival geared to help you feel comfortable in the forest. Skills covered will be methods of fire starting, how to build a simple shelter, foraging for food, and how to find water.

The second class will cover Germanic Shamanism techniques that are best learned in Nature. Shamanic breath work and finding your inner World Tree is where we will start. Then we will move onto understanding and working with the Land Wights as well as your ancestors as protection while performing ritual or traveling in nature. I will share the Germanic meaning of life and the Sacred Promise our ancestors made to Mother Earth and how both of these are used in Germanic Shamanism. We will also share our method of Wilderness meditation and the traditional techniques for finding your personal shamanic chant while working with the staff and drum

If you have any questions please email me

We can travel to your location and offer custom classes on a case by case basis. Contact us to discuss what you're looking for and we can put something together to fit your needs!

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