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Instructor Bio

Dan Grosshouser

With over 20 years of survival and outdoors experience he is always at home in the outdoors.


He grew up in the mountains of western Oregon and had a love of nature from a young age. Hunting, fishing, trapping, or just spending time in the woods, it's where he's always felt at home.


In 2005 he joined the Navy. After 7 years, including 3 years overseas he decided to get out and persue a different path. His first big goal was hiking across the US. Starting at the Mexican border. he hiked over 2600 miles finally crossing into Canada.

After getting married he and his wife Kalene decided to settle down and live life on their terms. He and his wife moved to Missouri and started a homestead on 12 acres raising all sorts of animals and honeybees.

These days he doesn't spend months in the wilderness hiking thousands of miles but he still spends a good amount of time outdoors practicing survival skills, especially primitive survival/bushcraft. He has always been fascinated how primitive cultures in the past have lived at one with their environments and truly thrived, especially with minimal supplies.

Since he has always had this passion for the outdoors and these skills he decided to share the knowledge. He now teaches survival at Four Winds Ancestral Skills along with making Instructional Videos. 


Along the way he has received certifications as a Wilderness EMT, Coast Guard Medical Person in Charge (MPIC), Rescue Diver, Hunting and Fishing Guide, Firearms instructor, and Peace Officer.

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